April 18, 2016

Why the christian god raped his mother to gave birth to himself, die, resurect, die to be with himself again?

According to the christian bible jesus is god, god is the holy ghost, Why he raped mary in order to become human? It doesn’t make any sense, this cannot be true, but the new testament say so, it must be BS.



that’s an interesting perspective actually…I can’t answer your question but I will start thinking about it. Just for that cause it would be worth to have a closer look at the bible…


if he raped her she wouldn’t have been the VIRGIN mother… go take your meds and go to bed and think of something you find less confusing tomorrow.


Well, that’s a bit of a skewed view on the whole thing.

First of all, Jesus’ conception was not sexual.

Second, it wasn’t rape. Mary was told by an angel what was going to happen and she was overjoyed about it.

There’s a lot of symbolic meaning behind the conception of Jesus that you’re missing.

It’s clear to me by your tone that you’re not even remotely interested in actually understanding it. You just felt like denigrating a religion which wasn’t yours. That’s pretty ignorant on your part. If you’re going to trash a religion, at least get your facts straight and stop wasting everyone’s time.


The Bible doesn’t even clearly say that Jesus and God are absolutely one in the same. That’s the Nicene Creed and it’s a debatable interpretation. Besides, it wasn’t supposed to be sexual, and it certainly wasn’t rape… Get your facts straight.


That is an interesting question. You and I can ask God about it later.


DAVE AND DEVIL, GOOD ANSWERS! If I were you kid, I would really study about christianity and its principles. Instead of coming off like this without facts and links to prove your theory. Then again kid, never take anything lit. One must know symbology to really read the bible, and I dont think you really understand this what so ever. Mary wasent raped, if so she couldnt of become the virgin holy mother of god. Get the facts straight and read the bible if your interested in the christian religion. And if you dont understand it get some help please!


I am a Muslim and I have recited the Holy Bible many times. Mary (or Mariyum – peace be upon her) is a very high ranking Saint in the Religion, therefore, it is prudent that we use appropriate, decent and respectful words whenever we remember her. Have a blessed day


im a hindu… i know abt christianity enough to say tht VIRGIN mary had absolutely no physical contact. an angel( if im not wrong) told her that Lord Jesus was to be born in her womb. she was overjoyed… nobody raped her. read ur bible well… dont get too confused n trouble ur brain.


hahaha you’re pitiful. I just hope no one thinks about your question for another minute.


You should Use decent language when taking about religions.


Who told you she was raped? You have all the answers by getting a copy of the bible and read it yourself, rather than reading something rubbish.


I believe a more proper language should be used when u speak about anything!
So, what if u r speaking about GOD, Jesus (Peace be upon him) his prophet, and Mary, the lady of all creation women.


read. 1. john.5, vs.5.6.7. then you might see ?

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