April 18, 2016

What was the most Repulsive thing about someone you met ?

Doesn’t have to be anyone you were associated with. Could have been just a one-time meeting, say at an event…you may never have seen them again…



I once met someone that was a liberal and actually believed all the things that liberals usually just say. It was disturbing.


first they were chewing gum like a cow, and drooling. then picking a wedgie, and picking their nose. sooo gross!

another one…her hair was really oily, she had blackheads and pimples exploding, and her teeth were orange. last time i saw her, she had actually fixed almost all of it tho…


I was once at a job interview (which is a formal affair) and the guy interviewing me kept foaming at the mouth. He would get foam and saliva acumulating around his mouth’s sides as he spoke.

That was more incredible than repulsive, but repulsive nonetheless

mark john t

Excessive earwax – and the guy had really big ears. Yuk.

mr curious

I saw a guy working at Walmart that had so much earwax in his ears it was falling out onto the shoulders of his uniform…it was disgusting…I felt sorry for him.


i hate it when ppl expect you to respect them. respect is earned. it has nothing to do with who you are, or who you know, etc.

mks 7-15-023772

I once met this guy that was full of himself, I mean I think he believed that women should worship the ground he walked on. But possibly even worse was my friend who was prepared to worship the ground he walked on!!


I once met a woman with green teeth,filthy finger nails,and her breath could have melted the paint on a battle ship!! EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW excuse me while I go barf!!!!!!!


My ex-boyfriend really had to pee. We were driving and he refused to get off the highway and stop somewhere. While he was driving MY CAR he grabbed a plastic bag off the floor and started peeing into it! I didn’t know what to do I was so surprised. Then he tied up the bag and threw it on the floor! it started leaking out! I freaked and he said to relax-it was just urine. Notice I started this by saying he was my EX.

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