April 18, 2016

What is the source of christian anti-semitism?

what caused christians to hate jews originally?



Ok a better answer on my part. Everyone will agree that Christianity stems from Judaism the only problem is that only a small minority of Jews actually bought it this tends to undermine Christianity because it begs the question of why dint Jesus own people accept him. (gee maybe because he did not fulfill the requirements to be the messiah?) This caused resentment on the part of Jesus followers that in turn blamed Rabbi?s (the Pharisees) and of course if you can?t win someone in an argument the best thing to do is slander them. This anger and frustration was written down in the Gospel and when Paul started to preach to Gentiles outside the Jewish world he used this to gain converts. Remember in this time the Jews were rebelling against the rule of Rome so roman citizens were not exactly happy with them. And then there is of course there is the legend of the Jews killing Jesus (I still find it funny that we can kill you god) this was used to only further unite the Christians and separate them from their Jewish background. you must remember is much easier to label a faith that undermines you own (by the very fact it is around) evil than it is to get into a theological debate in which Christians always lose.

And I will challenge any Christian here just don?t blame me if I break your faith.

mister G

Christians have no anti-semitism it was a JEW who died for our sins on the cross 2,000 years ago. It is the muslims who hate JEWS.


I believe much of it stems from the fact that in the Middle Ages Christians were forbidden from being money lender, so the Jews did that job. This gave the Jews a corner on the banking market which made many of them rich. I think a resentment grew from this fact.


I agree with Cronin1848. This feeling prevailed throughout Europe and was why Hitler could commit atrocities on Jews. Let us hope that this archaic thinking will be a thing of the past in this century.


Ignorance. The Bible does not endorse this. The Jewish people rejected Jesus…but then the Bible absolutely prophecied this. They had the Romans kill Him…but again, this was fortold. God loves His chosen people. God loves all the gentiles as well (that’s the rest of us). God loves! Period! Anything that is hatred towards another person, is most certainly of the enemy…satan.


Simple answer-the Bible.


Hostility toward or prejudice against Jews.
I’m not!! I love everyone!! God Bless!!


Christians started a new religion, and not everyone bought it. We all want validation for our beliefs, but when we don’t get it, we tend to question what we think.

The original Martin Luther was very flustered that he couldn’t convert Jews to his religion, so he became extremely violent and hateful towards Jews. In fact, much of his writing and ideas were the basis for hitler’s pogroms.

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