April 18, 2016

What is Goth?

No, I do not live under a rock or anything. I have a vague but uninformed idea of what Goth is. It’s more than just dressing a certain way right? Another users questions made me realize that I do not know anything substantial about Goth and it’s following.



Gothic is a time period that coincides with the victorian era. It`s also a design theme that involves the use of dark, rich colours and elaborate, intricate details. And it so happens that a lot of people dress in the gothic style.


Goth if you mean is also a race of people living around the 13th century.They are also called ‘barbarians’.They sailed on large boats to raid and blunder any region.Fearsome warriors they were.They were mainly found around norway and that region


Well, you know the clothing style, there’s also a death obsession, a music style and certain ideas. A lot of Goths practice wicca, or paganism. There is a certain focus on magic, darkness and mysticism. A lot of Goths are depressed and have low self-esteem, that’s why you hear the stereotype of them cutting a lot. I know a lot of very smart Goths with some very interesting political ideas and literary tates– but then, a lot of ppl who just chill at hot topic and wear black and chains call themselves Goth– and there is a stereotype that I am perpetuating to some extent


Being goth really has nothing to do with being depressed, worshiping the devil, or wearing all black. Most goths are perfectly happy, although they are frustrated by all the evil and stupidity in the world. Most are Christians, Agnostics, or Atheists. And goths wear many different styles of clothing. Not much really does unite goths as a group, but they tend to accept the evil and death in the world were as most people try to pretend it’s not there. Generally, they’re gentle, intelligent, have a biting wit, are non-violent, and are more sensitive than most. For a better explanation, check out http://www.goth.net/goth

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