what is a goood plot for a halloween story?

i have to write a story for school and im stuck. Any help???

Webshots Photo Sharing. Would you consider anything pornographic about site?

I use Webshots Photo Sharing site to post my pictures. However some of the pictures I have seen seem a little pornographic to me, however I am not a very good judge of what does and what does not constitute

Why the christian god raped his mother to gave birth to himself, die, resurect, die to be with himself again?

According to the christian bible jesus is god, god is the holy ghost, Why he raped mary in order to become human? It doesn’t make any sense, this cannot be true, but the new testament say so, it must be

What was the most Repulsive thing about someone you met ?

Doesn’t have to be anyone you were associated with. Could have been just a one-time meeting, say at an event…you may never have seen them again…

I don’t know what to belive anymore. How can there be a so called God, when there is…?

so much pain and suffering in the word. Why would a so called God, let people suffer in such ways? I don’t get it, and not sure what to think anymore. My so called faith is gone. I say when

I can not beleive some of the things kids can see on the internet what do you think about that?

let me know what you think.

So let’s take Dr. Chopra’s question and examine it. Can an individual affect world peace?

do you as an individual believe that you have the power? For that matter in this context, what is power? After all, are we not all connected? HeyJay . . . I suspect that it is more than that.

Why does American TV programming seem to focus on crime stories like Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc. etc?

Just scan the TV guide and notice all of these programs. What is the fascination with justice and or murder and killing? Can someone set me straight here please?

What are the ‘consequences of being you’?

A question to throw out there. I am wondering many people feel that if the are ‘themselves’ that they will lose their job, people will over ctitisize them and make their life miserable, or that in general people will not

Why do lazy people bother going to work??

they do nothing or little as possible at work & get away with it STAY home & collect your paycheck….

what is the true religion?

what do you think the true religions send by god? .. I read this book ,I feel that Islam is the true religion send by god I belive in these Evedince make islam is true http://www.islam-guide.com/frm-ch1.htm

Mormons why is it by faith you do not judge the spirit of God of adultery?

I can not follow your faith because I love my wife, even in death and I believe STRONGLY there is no marriage in heaven because you are all lost in your own ways and know nothing of Gods ways of

If you personality type is INFP and INTP can there be conflicts?

when I did Myers Briggs personality test I came 50% on both the (F) Feeling (T)Thinking part so does this cause conflicts within a person

Did someone ever hear this before?

Ok, so sometimes i’m outside and i hear a loud phone ringing, it’s not my imagination and i know it… it’s just a phone ringing like once, i think it might be a factory, but i think it’s pretty funny

catholics is evolution heresy?

catholics is evolution heresy?