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Why do all the foreigners own my convenience stores ?

When I go to 7-11 or a gas station or a mom and pops kind of place all I see is aliens starring at me. What’s up with that?

Will Yahoo crash today or tomorrow night under the strain of 11 year old asking who won American idol?

and also has Yahoo anticipated the 50000 kiddies who will ask the exact same question?

Do you think celebrities are paid to be Scientologists?

Do you think celebrities are paid to be Scientologists?

Does anyone think the Bible could possibly be misinterpreted?

I honestly am trying to say this in the most respectful way. I read parts of the Bible and I just don’t understand it the way most deeply religious people seem to. I believe in all the basics: God, treating others the way I’d want to be treated, asking for forgiveness, not hurting others, etc….

Does people understand how stupid they are? Do you?

Does people understand how stupid they are? Do you?

Does anyone else think the Christians on here are holier then thou?

I mean honestly, to be all, ‘you shouldn’t have problems, you should have God’ and quoting scriptures out of their ying yang. Don’t they see they turn people away? I don’t want to be that perfect that I get to crtisize everyone that I am to narrow minded to accept. Anyone agree? I think thou…

What should you pack to volunteer in Durban Africa for a year starting in June?

My daughter is with IICd and is volunteering with HIV/AIDS prevention for a year. Anyone know what Durban is like?

If you were in a restaurant and just had to let that stinker go. Is it right to . . .?

turn to the person beside you and put on your most indignant look and just stare? What if you were in an elevator and couldn’t leave?

If some pervert kidnapped, raped, and murdered your child, would you want him to get life in prison w/o parole

If you’re that pervert, don’t come to TEXAS!…you’ll be on death row in Huntsville so fast, never to see daylight again! Don’t plan on anything but 3 hots and a cot until your final day comes, and you don’t even deserve that. Most likely other prisoners will kill you within days of you’re arrival at…

My son wants to be a zombie fireman for Halloween?

My 5 year old son is going to be a zombie fireman. Any tips for his costume? All he has is a fireman raincoat and some basic black rubber boots. I have makeup to get the zombie look, but am wanting a little extra pizazz.