April 18, 2016

Is it wrong that I still have not had my 4 yr old daughter baptized?

I want to but don’t know how to go about doing it. I guess I am timid since we were abandoned by her father (my husband of 7 yrs) when I was still pregnant…Any help?? Thx
I just want to say that so far, I’ve gotten a Huge response of Wonderful answers! Thank you all! You have all been So helpful and I am truly grateful!!


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no…it is not…but however it should be what u feel t the moment…when she gets older you can leave the decision up to her fdor where she wants to go in life…just be a rol model for her


Gosh no! You don’t have to have her baptized until she’s whatever age! It’s your choice. God will still love your child the same even if she’s not baptized! Ask your pastor about baptizing your child without a father.In the meantime..try to forget about your ex-husband.


well maybe not wrong but i think you should get it done asap.

go to your local church, it’s just a matter of picking a date etc.

you want her to be baptised…


I do not think it’s wrong.

Do it in your own time, sweetie.


I believe that it is up to your daughter to decide when she wants to get baptized. You doing it for her, unfortunately, is false- she did not choose on her own free will, and since she would think she got baptized, she wouldn’t do it again (unless told later on) and not really be baptized at all.
So it is okay to not have your daughter baptized at the age of 4. Wait til she’s old enough to decide for herself.


Find a local church, which is of the faith you want her baptised in, then go along and talk to the minister. There’s some children I know who are a lot older than your daughter who have not been baptised…it’s just a matter of your personal choice.


I think that is a personal decision. Don’t let people tell you that you are wrong or right for choosing one religion over another, or not choosing to be conventionally spiritual at all. Form your own opinion of what is right and wrong.


i don’t think its wrong. just walk in to your place of worship and talk to someone.


the best thing to do is to raise her up as a good kid, and when she grows up, have her decide for herself. do not put pressure on yourself and on her. that way, when she so chooses, it will be true and sincere. also, if she doesnt, well, maybe christianity is not for her.


She should make the decision herself when she’s old enough to know what and why she’s doing it.


well, in christian terms your not wrong,in jesuses day ppl didnt get baptised till they were about 20 so they knew they believed, i think though in modern terms you should get her baptised soonor she will not be able to take communion. go to your local parish centre and ask for a meeting with the local parish priest and he will give you all your advise you need and its all free!!


No its not wrong, but if it’s something you want to do, visit your local church.


I don’t think it’s wrong either. I didn’t get baptized until I was ten years old. Which was fine, I knew what it all ment then.
But, it’s really up to you in the long run, and in a way up to your daughter also. Good luck on that.


NO! IT DOES NOTHING FOR A 4 YEAR OLD. Jesus would have not waited until He was thirty years old if we were suposed to be baptized at a todler.


I think a lot of people get the concept of Baptism construed. Baptism is only a symbol of what Christ did for us. It is an act to show publicly that you have chosen Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.


no. that is catholic tradition. You should get baptised when you get saved and a four year old more than likely is too young to know what getting saved means.


No it is not wrong, My parent had me dedacated to christ when I was a baby but left it to me to deside in I wanted to be baptised as an adult. A baptism is an agreement to God that you will fallow him in his ways and do your best to be obeadent to his teachings. For a four year old child to make this agreement is imposible for they don’t even know the difference between right and wrong. I would have your child dedacated, what that means is that your taking an oath as her parent to raise her as the bible tells us to rase our children and let her deside as an adult if she want’s to be baptised.


shouldn’t she decide for herself when she’s old enough to know what it means? so many things change in the mind of a child as they grow up. they forget why they did it, or what led to that decision. of course its your choice ;-) but as for me, i’ll teach my children to love christ, and only hope that he touches their life in a way that they can’t live without him and want to be baptized.


decide which church you want her baptised in and then go see the vicar or whomever and take it from there


I don’t think that your are wrong for not having her baptized yet. I was baptized when I was little and don’t even remember it. Well, I of course got older and was rebellious and did bad things. Well, now I am a lot older and have decided that my life is not complete without the Lord, so I was gonna get baptized to show that I was serious about it and stuff anyways, the preacher told me it wouldn’t count cuz I had already been baptized. So, you can do whatever you want but I feel that it should be her choice whenever she is old enough to understand. Like the other person said, God gave us free will to decide to believe in him or not. Good Luck and Best Wishes to you!

oh wow

hi, u should get your daughter baptized some time. that is what god wants u to do. god will help u out. and sorry to here that both of u guys were abandoned from your husband and by her dad too good luck. and do not give up on god at all.


Maybe you should ask yourself why you want her to be baptised as it does nothing whatsoever for her standing before God – she has to make that commitment when she’s older!

not a boy

Baptism of a child is just a social event done by most churchs.
Properly done, it would be the childs decision to serve God. Typically a 4 year old might not have the knowledge to devote her life, to God. That is what baptism is about. It is a personal dedication, not something done to garantee entrance into heaven.
God chose 144 thousand to work, yes work, with Jesus. They gained access to heaven, and will see God.
As far as wrong……no. It can’t do any harm. It’s just a social mistake.
There are study links in this website that you can read about baptism and a great deal more!!Enjoy!


NO you are not wrong for not having her baptized because you suppose not to have her baptized when she was a baby because she had no choice and no knowleadge of the choosing … but till she knows the knowledge about God … bad and good knowledges… she can make her own decision to want the baptism….a born again christian,,, to serve the Lord in the rest of her life.. etc… look at Jesus being baptized at 30 years old….the baptism John did baptist people when they were older enough… i never heard if he did baptist the babies! Read the bible carefully … you are not guilty. It doesnt cause your baby be lost without God if no baptised…. the baby will still be saved till she grows and know the knowledges of good and bad and about Jesus, she can choose what she wants…


No, That is Great!!! She shouldn’t get baptized until she understands the gospel a little bit and believes in jesus


I think being baptized should be her choice, it is supposed to be a public confession of accepting Christ as your savior so if you do it now it will mean nothing.


No it doesn’t matter when she is baptized because baptism is not going to ensure her salvation. Only she can make the choice to accept the Gospel and quite frankly she is not old enough to decide.

lola f

Many people believe differently on Baptism but know it is important. God has commanded it so that alone is good reason. However you are a big part of that. God commands believers to baptize as a sign of the covenant. By not doing so these years you may need to check you own reasons and make sure they’re good and this is not just a ritual where you take the things of God lightly. This is a sign for you and your children that points to Christ. It is to teach us that as water cleans the body Christs blood cleans the heart. If you intend to raise your daughter to believe then her baptism is to be used by you to teach her these things. If its just an empty ritual then you will have offended God who instituted it.


Baptism should be an individuals decision between them and God. If you want to dedicate your child to The LORD and make a vow to the LORD that you will bring up the child in the love and knowledge of him, that’s fine. Bring her up to know that even though you may have been abandoned, your TRUE Father in Heaven will NEVER leave you or forsake you.


if baptism is for remission of sins (acts 2:38, mark 16:16, 1 peter 3:21

and sin is transgression against God’s law(1 john 3:4)

than one has to be able process right from wrong and understand the consequences of sin…

how can a child sin if they cannot understand the concept?


no…it is not…and I’m sorry about your husband leaving….


No, it is a very good thing that you haven’t. You should also let your daughter decide what religion before she decides to get baptized, IF she chooses Christianity. Just don’t force your daughter to believe in your religion.

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