April 18, 2016

I don’t know what to belive anymore. How can there be a so called God, when there is…?

so much pain and suffering in the word. Why would a so called God, let people suffer in such ways?
I don’t get it, and not sure what to think anymore.
My so called faith is gone. I say when we die we die and that is it. There is no heaven, no hell, when it is over it’s over. So many questions. What do all of you think?



Sad truth.


I think you are right and would benefit from engaging others who have also gone through this. Try the link:

llqn 3530

I personally beleive in god with all my heart. About all the suffering its not God’s work it is the work of other humans who cause pain and suffering upon others.


Gods grace allows us to choose. The pain and suffering on earth allows us to know that all is not well and to choose to do better. If all was perfect what would be for us but to find other ways of sadness. People are imperfect so life will be so.

lea n jase7321

try going to a mosque and ask them everything you need

i can’t give you a straight answer


I pretty much agree. You may be going through a time of crisis now, but it’ll get better.


I’ve been told that heaven is a place prepared just for you.
Meaning that you will enter on your own and dwell there for eternity by your self, no rainbow bridge, no lost relatives.

Conclusion: You live in Hell and Heaven everyday. When you die it is darkness.


Here’s the deal. GOD made a Universe that works. Now in this Universe, actions are possible, actions like generating a gravitational field, animal reproduction, fire, water extinguishing fire, communications, friction, light and so on.

Now, in order for this Universe to work, certain things like pain, damage, and opposition of forces has to be possible. Think about it. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t be here.

Now GOD has not forgotten about this and GOD HAS left all of his children a way to survive all of the conflicts between his wonderful forces. He left his Commandments, his rules, his grace, his examples, and his agents for whom we can seek out for shelter when our own abilities to judge situations and make decisions is not quite sufficient.

They’ve been telling us that life was tough ever since day one. Don’t give up, though. People don’t have very good judgment when they are in a state of doubt.


Oh please don’t be discouraged. That is the enemy talking to you.
Things will not get better in the world as long as there is sin in the world.
Hang on to your faith and your relationship with Christ. Remember that sickness disease, death and disasters does not come from God.
When this test is over and this world is no more, those that accepted his great salvation will no longer hurt or go through hard trials. It will all be worth it.
Hang in there. I will pray for your strength and comfort.
Look up and pray for the answers. HE’s right there, ready to answer.

peace chandelier0207

http://watchtower.org , here with your bible you will find your answers! If you like you can contact me.


best answer i have found
Why God Has Permitted Suffering?

mm girl

God tests people that’s why there’s so much badness in the world. People call to God in their time of need. There are two places- Heaven and Hell. Earth is like hell. if the world was like heaven, then nobody would want to go to heaven


the world is the way it is today because of mans notorious actions towards its habitat and all other things it has to offer. god destroyed the world once and vowed not to do it again and he always stands by his promises. just pray and ask forgiveness in doubting there is a god and read your bible and try doing what i says and things will work out in due time. don’t expect any immediate results. be patient.


it’s not god that do all those, god is like our parents they teach u something and then ur on ur own like god… he shows u the way which u should but satan/devil is trying to get u the wrong way and u listen to satan/devil instead of god!!! that’s why… u just gotta remember every way has a consequences and u just gotta figure out which way is right!! DON’T TAKE SATAN’S/DEVIL’S PATH BUT INSTSTEAD TAKE GOD’S PATH ‘CAUSE HE’LL LEAD TO VICTORY NOT PAIN OR SUFFER!!!


If you read Revelations in the Bible you will see that we are coming to our last days. No one knows when it will happen, but it will. It’s unfortunate that people have to suffer, but we all will have to. When we die and we don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior you WILL go to Hell. Hell is no joke. You will suffer for eternity. I would rather have Jesus than to risk everything on feelings and go to Hell

philthebard cancelled his jollys

God has not caused the pain and suffering in the world, we have. God gave us all free will…we are free to make any decision, or commit any act we wish…but this doesn’t mean He wants us to be criminals, etc.. People make other people suffer, and it makes God sad too….If you find your faith shaken, you would not be the first…I suggest that you spend some time thinking about it..look outside and spring in action, look at a newborn baby, there is alot of good in the world as well. I am Catholic, and just finished Lent..it was a time of renewal, and is always helpful to reflect on the life of Jesus..maybe you should speak with a priest, rabbi, pastor, minister..etc…they can give you some insight.


God has given us a free will and for everything that we do whether good or bad, there are consequences.
so if i drive drunk and have an accident and i loose my left arm then i can’t say why did God let that happen. it was my own fault.
let’s say you have been a smoker all your life and have been a good person all your life and then the doc tells you you have cancer don’t go blame God. He is not the one who gave you cancer.
again, God gave us a free will it is up to us how we use that free will


When God created us, He gave us the free will to do whatever we want to do. Our pain and suffering does not come from God. It is people who use their free will to make the decisions to hurt others. God does not want to see us suffer. He does not want us to hurt. When we hurt, God hurts. He loves us. That is why He gives us free will. He wants us to choose to do right. But He will not force us to do so. That is why there is so much suffering in the world. He lets it happen because He has given us free will. When we are hurting, we can turn to Him and ask Him to heal our hurts, to heal our hearts, and He will. He wants us to be happy and free of pain and suffering. He can’t force us to stop choosing to hurt others, because He has already given us the will to choose. However He is there to help us and heal us whenever we need Him. He will never leave us or forsake us, that is His promise, made out of His forever love for us.


Have to love christians – follow god or you will suffer for eternity. Please, give us a break with all of your religious crap. Nothing like trying to scare people into believeing something.


God allows this to happen because we have free will. If He gave us no free will then we would all be robots but He gives us the choice to love Him or reject Him. He does not enjoy seeing us suffer. He allows us to suffer so that we will pray and ask for His help and grow closer to Him.


All this pain and suffering is caused by Satan’s influence on man. Man has done this to himself through Satans influence. God meant for us to have a perfect world to live in. Satan has perverted everthing God has made. Satan’s time is short. Christ is coming back for His church. The ones that have kept their faith and haven’t given up will forever be with the Lord.
Don’t give up yet. The best is yet to come.


I believe God loves us; He does not want anyone to suffer.
Unfortunately Satan does, but he wont be allowed to do it forever. Jesus is coming back soon , and when He does He is going bring the people who loved Him back to life. then he is going to take them and the righteous on earth and take us all to heaven. Satan will be destroyed and we will be eternally happy. for people who can explain it better go to amazingfacts.com( look for the bible answers archive)


This is a physical world with physical concequences. Most retarted children are a fault of conditions. It promts us as scientists to look deeper into the problem in order to over come it.

Oppression from tirant dictators like Sadamn (who would use physical oppression of the families of people who spoke against him,.. and would pay off the families of suicide bombers (probably creating a safe haven for al quida)). This oppression from dictators is now being seen as the problem, scientifically. For even POW camp type oppression creates a level of frustraition and tension so great that the captors are always on edge and stressed them selves. Thus the captives will have an unseen advantage.

As christians it’s easy to see that Sadamn was a bad person. Science is finally evolving to almost coicide relgion. But never will be able to take the place of religion. For the Holy Spirit will charge the soul to something simular of the innocents and purity of a new soul. In fact calousness is from people dealing with opporession. When this calousness becomes a part of you, you actually are no better then the oppressor, and will often mimic the oppressor in your own actions.

The Holy Spirit will give us the power to deal with this oppression and save our own souls. Untill the second comming of Christ, and another dramatic change in the world, this is all we have.


Suffering is a test, when some people suffer they do like you do they blame God and run away from him. Others run to him and pray for help. This is a true test of faith.

Suffering also has another positive. In Islamic beliefs when you suffer it makes up for sins you have done. For instance my grandmother was basicly a good person over her life but did commit some sin and did not give as much charity as she should of. She died of cancer and her last years were filled with suffering. I beleve that was to help balance the scales in her favor so she could enter Janna/Heaven.

I have also lived through a great deal of pain in my life before I came to Islam I was married to an alcoholic Christian who was horrible to me and our children. But I know that those experiences, no matter how bad they were, were good for me. I learned so much from those experiences and they are what altimatly led me to accept Islam and find true happiness in my life. Know that God knows more than any of us. And what may seem horrible also produces good. For example the huge outpooring of support and charity were a positive result of the natural disasters recently.


well hope that can help you. first thing you have to understand that God wants to have a deep and caring relationship with you. God allows pain, suffering and hunger in the world so that people will turn to Him and start a relationship. and it is mans sins that continues the circle of death but Gods mercy has sent us life. Jesus said My purpose is to give life and life more abundantly.John chapter 10 verse 10. but the problem people fear a relationship with Jesus because they think that it will be giving everything to God. all their fun will end that have to give money to church or become a missionary. yet Jesus was sent to give to us such a precious gift a life with God. more ad-bunt more fulfilling life then ever imagined. take a moment and read Romans chapter 10 for further expiation.


You are on the path to enlightenment and knowledge. And great joy once you realize how much religion blinds us to the natural beauty and grandness of this universe – and that you are finally free to enjoy it!


This is an excellent topic, many people experience doubt of an actual Supreme Being for the exact reasons that you mentioned. This topic can only be answered with opinions, therefore my opinion is that a Supreme Being does exist as our Creator, thus our Creator planted our seed upon this beautiful planet as one of his/hers many experiments. I believe that our Creator is monitoring our behavior via Alien visitation if you will. We are extremely complex lifeforms that are in the early learning stages, thus we make many mistakes and will continue to do so. We do have it within us to eventually reach a point of intelligence that will re-shape our current hostile behavior patterns. Time will tell, however providing the irrational part of our being is not overcome, we might cause our own extinction, or our Creator will conclude that we’re a mistake, thus he/she may decide to take us out of existence by simply allowing a massive adventitious astronomical object to destroy us. As for Heaven, I believe that upon death, those of our species that lived by treating all life with respect, that did not inflict their will upon others, that helped those that were in need, and that occasionally thanked our Creator for giving us life, will be granted eternal life on a non-hostile planet where as total pleasure will be the norm, including sex, the ability to fly, and unlimited underwater adventuring… As for hell, I don’t believe hell exists, I think that those of our species that chose to live by hate and harm, will be non-existent after death.


its sad to hear that your faith has gone away. God lets people suffer because the people don’t want him close. what would you do if someone keeps rejecting you and obligating you move out of schools and jobs. you wont keep insisting, you just wait till someone calls you right? well thats exactly what he does, if people dont call him he wont go to them and help them. try to think all the blessings he gave you. i think that you should never question God because everything he does is for a purpose. I HOPE THAT YOUR FAITH WILL SOON GO BACK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

opera girl

I submit to you that your faith is not gone, for you have written a question here; what if the Reality that is God inspired you to go to your computer, and write such an eloquent question?

Why is there so much pain and suffering? Why did you not ask why there is so much joy in the world? Before you dismiss that question, study it, meditate on it…what makes us go to the negative so easily, and ignore the good?

I do not usually give long answers, but I feel moved.

I suggest that you were moved as well, and you do get it. Maybe you just have to dig for it…be still, find the answer inside.


I believe God is two spirits, one male, one female.
I believe we are spirit having a human experience. In the spirit world we have unconditional love and the reason we come here is to experience the other side to that which is sadness. The bad things happen here for us to experience this sadness. The experiences that effect us in this physical world do not effect us when we return to the spirit world. You are the spirit you are on the inside, not the person you are on the outside.
With love and best intentions,

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