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Who or what created God?

I’m confused. If God supposedly created humans what created him/her? Just wondering the answer. I’m not saying I do or don’t believe, I just want an answer from those who do believe.

Should there not be a total ban on religion?

If religion was surpressed would it not be more peaceful? Maybe just one religion that we can all agree upon?

top 10 nations thread a perfect example…?

… of religious nuts making up facts? when they’re callled out for being wrong, they declare themselves right and call you a liberal loon? this makes sense? see, canada is simply not a xian religion. I’m stating a fact. this does not make me liberal. japanese buddhism is replete with shrines to ancestors. buddhism being…

what type of land use is a scrap metal yard?

is it recrational, commercail, industrial, instituational, transportation, or parks

Which religion has the smallest number of saints/prophets/Gods/gurus/etc?

Every religion seems to be so simple at first, then you discover that really there’s hundreds of different enlightened masters or prophets or what have you. Are there any religions which are really just… simple?

Would a head wound look out of place?

I’m being a mad scientist for Halloween. I want to do a head wound… but, while I’m a girl, make-up is far from ‘my thing’ and I don’t want to cover my whole face in make-up, or at least, 6 different layers. Point of the matter, would the head wound look OK alone? Is there…

Do you think that North American society has become too materialistic?

Do you think that North American society has become too materialistic?

Do you think the world is comeing to an end?

If youu look in the bible it says alot of things about what is going to happen when the world is going to end…do you think this is tru and if so how close do you think we are to the world comeing to an end?